Who are we?

Joint Consulting Inc. is an SAP partner dedicated to building and deploying quality solutions directly in SAP. These solutions allow businesses to maximize the full potential of their SAP investment in key business areas, primarily in the Order to Cash space. Our company is comprised of top-level business and technical people who draw from their many years of experience in designing, building, and deploying global solutions for a variety of industries. Please review our Featured Solutions. Try "Contact Us" if you have questions or to request additional information.

Joint Consulting Inc. was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in New York.

All our solutions are designed with the following guiding principles:

User Experience – At Joint Consulting we know that a product needs to be powerful yet easy to learn and use.  An ERP system is often implemented to provide enterprise level benefits but often fails to deliver those benefits at the lower levels of the organization that transact the day to day business scenarios.  Many times transaction processing can be more work intensive after the ERP is implemented.  At Joint Consulting, the user experience is always a key factor that is considered throughout the design and development process.   

Standardization through Flexibility – A major benefit of an ERP system is that it seeks to drive the standardization of processes across an organization. This goal is not always realized because it fails to consider that different businesses do not all function the same way, nor do business units within a business. All too often, the end result is that multiple “point solutions” get developed and business process work-arounds proliferate. The result is a solution that is complex, inefficient, and costly to maintain. One of the goals at Joint Consulting is to provide solutions that are flexible enough to be used as a global solution. When used in this manner, Joint Consulting products provide one complete solution around which processes can be standardized.

Innovation – At Joint Consulting we believe in the power and value added proposition of the SAP solution.  We never look to replace or undermine the functionality that SAP provides.  We endeavor to design solutions that take what is already great about SAP and build on top of it.  In doing so we strive to imagine and produce solutions that help business realize the full potential of their SAP investment while unlocking trapped costs through the standardization of process, development and training.   

Deliver a Complete Solution – At Joint Consulting we acknowledge that a technical piece of functionality is not a solution.  A solution must address the business process, training, security / authorizations, documentation and reporting.  These aspects are always considered.  Sample template programs are often included.  When you implement a Joint Consulting solution, you are implementing a solution and not just a starting point.

Reusability – When a company buys a solution it is a strategic asset that should be able to be leveraged into the future.  At Joint Consulting we take a modular approach to building our solutions.  They reside in SAP and therefore can be leveraged by other SAP programs and processes.  We do this so customers can standardize their development in certain key areas so that a new solution does not have to be developed every time there is a new requirement.  This reduces future development time as well as reducing the complexity of the solution.  All of the Joint Consulting suite of products share common components that allow these products to seamlessly integrate with each other. 

Automation – Joint Consulting believes in unlocking trapped costs within business processes.  To this end many of the solutions provided enable systematic automation of processes whereas business users only need to manage the exceptions.  Automation, when possible, frees-up human capital to focus on more value-added tasks and leaves the repetitive actions to the system.



"Joint Consulting has provided a world-class solution that allowed us to unlock the power of our SAP investment.  We now have a core asset that will be part of our business processes well into the future.  This solution is easily learned and has saved us a great deal of time and money in training and development.  Above all, we now have a truly global solution that unlocks trapped costs by driving the standardization of our business process so that users only need to manage exceptions instead of the entire process.  To this end we have a competitive advantage in reducing the sales cycle while freeing up human capital to focus on more value driven tasks."

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